An open letter to Sooner Nation

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    It is Monday after the Oklahoma/Ohio State game, and I’m replaying the weekend in my mind as I enjoy my morning coffee. I traveled from Knoxville, Tennessee, on Thursday to the Will Rogers World Airport to meet some of my fellow Buckeye fans. Our group usually travels to one away game each year.

    Our first visit to campus was on Friday. The place was abuzz with activity. Tailgate party tents were being erected, roadblock signs and barriers were seen at corners and everyone was sporting the Crimson and Cream. We could tell it was going to be a special weekend.

    As we wandered around in our Buckeye regalia, you greeted us with “Welcome to Norman, we’re glad you came.” You asked if you could help us find anything. You offered advice on where to park on game-day. You suggested restaurants we might enjoy. (We tried Blackbird Gastropub and enjoyed it so much that we returned to it on Saturday.)

    On Saturday, again wearing our Scarlet and Gray, we made a point of getting to the campus area early so we could find a place to park. We found a place on Hoover. I hailed a lady in her front yard to ask if it was OK where we parked. She assured us that it was, and told us that it was good that we arrived when we did because, according to her, Donald Trump was going to be at Barry Switzer's daughter's nearby home later in the day and that it would be impossible to find a place to park. And of course, she said, “Welcome to Norman, enjoy the game!” I wish I knew her name so I could thank her publicly.

    We returned to the Blackbird, where we enjoyed more Norman hospitality. Our server even remembered us from the day before. As we were enjoying a drink and waiting for our meal, a gentleman approached our table with yet another “welcome.” During the conversation, he recommended a restaurant in OKC that we might want to try after the game. As he was singing its praises, I jokingly asked if he was a stockholder in the place. He replied that, no he wasn’t. He said, “I’m a local legislator and I like to promote the area.” He later came back to the table and offered to take a group photo of us with one of our phones. We took him up on the offer. During the afternoon he sent beer to our table. Twice. I wish I had asked his name so I could thank him publicly.

    As game-time approached, we wandered across your campus, taking in the festival atmosphere that you are obviously very good at creating. As we passed tailgate parties, we received more welcomes.

    After the game, you proved to be very gracious over the loss of a great football game between two of the most storied programs in the country. Many of you told us that you are looking forward to going to Columbus for the game next year. I hope we can be the hosts that you were.

    Two of us from our group traveled to Norman for the Ohio State/Oklahoma game in 1983. Much has changed over the ensuing 33 years. The campus has grown, and it is beautiful. Your refurbished “Palace on the Prairie” is second to none. The only thing that has not changed is your hospitality. We were as impressed back then as we were this trip.

    Sooner Nation, keep doing what you do. You are what college football fans are supposed to be. Thank you for a memorable experience!

    Chris Albrecht, Ohio State class of 1976, Knoxville, Tennessee
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